Care for the Elderly Foundation (Singapore) - 新加坡老人福利基金会

The Foundation had its beginnings as an informal volunteer group in 1992 which provided transport and escort services to elderly and immobile patients who needed to attend specialist outpatient clinics in hospitals

Realizing the difficulties involved in ambulatory care for immobile patients, a home medical and nursing service (known as Code 4 Medical Service) was started in 1995 to serve home bound patients

Besides the formation of the home medical and nursing services, other community care services were also started. These included the regular provision of groceries and consumables as well as loan of medical equipment to the needy elderly who were referred by restructured hospitals or who were under the Public Assistance Scheme

In order to expand its capability and capacity, Code 4 Medical Service was merged with Ren Ci Hospital & Medicare Centre (“RCHMC”) in August 2006 to form Ren Ci – Code 4 Home Care. More full time doctors and nurses were recruited to support the increasing number of patients referred from restructured and community hospitals. Under the wings of Ren Ci, the home care team also took charge of the day care centres and Ren Ci Nursing Home

However, Ren Ci & Code 4 partnership was dissolved in December 2009

In August 2013, the Foundation was re-initiated to continue its commitment in providing home health care. To improve on its capability to care for ill patients who choose to live out their final days at home, it revived the Code 4 Home Care programme, with assistance from the AIC – Tote Board Community Health Care Fund.